X Coin Bend by Steven X - Trick

X Coin Bend by Steven X - Trick
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No misdirection required!
New principles in coin magic!

X Coin Bend is as real as it gets. Your hands are always shown empty throughout performance. Your spectators will be amazed as a borrowed, signed coin bends right in front of their eyes, leaving them speechless! The coin can be examined from start to finish. This is a real coin and a real bend. Allow your spectator to keep it as a souvenir. This is definitely a reputation maker.

  • No misdirection required!
  • No need for expensive gimmicks.
  • No worries of gimmick breaking or leaving it at home.
  • No threads, elastics, or memory metal.
  • Use any coin, any currency.
  • Simple, easy, and direct!
  • Seven methods taught to keep your spectators guessing
  • Real coin and real bend.
  • Magic happens in the spectator's hands.
  • New principles in coin magic!

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  • Signed X Bend #2
  • X Bend #1
  • X Bend #2
  • X Clean Bend #1
  • X Clean Bend #2
  • X Air Bend
  • And More!


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