Our company has several storage centers around the world which allows us to offer FREE and FAST SHIPPING in almost all cases. We're handling several FBA centers availables in Mexico, United States, Canada and Spain that allow us to ship throughout Europe, even offering DELIVERIES IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS.


Javier Urbina

Javier Urbina (1977, Madrid, Spain) settled in Mexico since 2013. Founder and administrator of this global online magic shop.

Artist and producer of circus shows around the world, especially with soap bubbles. He has worked as an artistic director on large format productions and as an artist advisor. Awarded internationally on several occasions, he obtained, among other recognitions, the WORLD RECORD for making the largest chain of bubbles worldwide.


"My first salary was earned in Madrid (Spain), when I was 15 years old, thanks to magic, performing in the street. Later, I studied Theater for several years and this gave me powerful tools to enhance my artistic side to the maximum Subsequently, I founded a few experimental theater companies and began to travel the world with my own creations, from much of America to Asia, Oceania and Europe. A fast-paced, magical journey full of unforgettable experiences. "



"Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to meet many artists who have been a true INSPIRATION and a great help in developing my own creations. This photo reflects another of my childhood dreams fulfilled, with David Copperfield, in a from my visits to MGM (Las Vegas-USA) where I had the opportunity, in addition to enjoying his wonderful show, to be able to share a magical moment behind the scenes with him but... "
“What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”


"Taking advantage of the contingency of the global health emergency due to COVID-19, there is no choice but to re-invent ourselves and that is why I have decided to fulfill another of my pending dreams due to an agenda full of commitments, now on pause . "

"I always wanted to open my own online magic shop where, in addition to offering what many other magic shops offer, I could give access to certain products that are 100% manufactured and that I myself have used in my own shows as well as provide the advice and the "know how" accumulated over 25 years of experience. "

Here is a promotional video (2 minutes) of the main show "The Lord Of The Bubbles". You can consult this and other projects that we have carried out around the world on the web: www.TheLordOfTheBubbles.com (a new window will open).

Amateurs and / or professionals interested in the fascinating world of magic or bubbles are welcome to this project made from the heart.


Remember that if you have any problems or doubts with the product / s that you purchase here, you can write to me directly at urbina@thelordofthemagic.com or via WhatsApp and you'll get an answer as soon as possible.


Health, love and success!

Javier Urbina CEO
WhatsApp +529841876571